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    Alan Nugent Malaysia

    I was recommended by my friend who has taken a treatment from Shri Kaya Kalp for arthritis. I was equally benefited by the treatment which I took for low back pain. Allopathic doctors have advised me surgery for my problem but Dr Tarun Gupta assured me that you will be cured by panchkarma treatment. I took the treatment for 4 weeks along with the medicines. I got nearly 80% in the treatment period. Now after 3 months f treatment I feel like normal doing all my work comfortably. Thanks Dr Tarun Gupta for his guidance and treatment. I would definitely repeat the treatment next year as told by Dr Tarun Gupta. Thanks Shri Kaya Kalp.

    By Alan Nugent Malaysia

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    Ayurveda Massage and Panchkarma Therapy Course ( 4 week ) on  4th November 2016 , 16th January 2017,  6th March 2017 and 1st May 2017.

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