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    »Introduction to Ayurveda

    »Basic Principles of Ayurveda

    »Body Constitution with reference to skin and hair

    »Introduction to Ayurveda Beauty Care

    1. Ayurvedic diet and life style for beauty

    2. Introduction of Ayurvedic oils and herbs for skin and hair care

    »Face Treatments

    1. Face Massage

    2. Face Packs

    3. Cleansing Treatments

    4. Herbal Steaming

    5. Acne Treatment

    6. Nasyam

    7. Anti Wrinkles Treatment

    8. Anti Aging Treatment

    »Scalp + Hair Treatments

    1. Head Massage

    2. Dandruff Treatment

    3. Treatment for Premature Crreying

    4. Treatment for Hairfall and Brittle Hair

    5. Treatment for Hair Growth

    6. Herbal FumigationKayaKalp

    »Face Massage
    »Face Scrub
    »Herbal Steam
    »Face Pack
    »Preperation of Face Pack
    »Cleansers Preperation
    »Head Massage
    »Herbal Fumigation
    »Application of Hair Packs
    »Preperation of Hair Packs

    Fee : Rs 18000

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