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    GI disorders or Gastrointestinal diseases are the diseases involving the gastrointestinal tract. This tract is made up of stomach and intestine and normally refers to all entities involved in the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus.

    Digestive Disorders Treatment

    Gastrointestinal diseases include functional bowel diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and an inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease and colitis.

    The common symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders include constipation, heavy bloated stomach, nausea cramping, abdominal pain, inflammation of the lining of large and small intestine, rectal bleeding, diarrhea and weight loss.GI-Disorders

    In the Ayurveda texts, it is stated that ‘vata’,’pitta’ and ‘kapha’ the natural substances included in human physiology are extremely disturbed on account of intestinal problems. Ayurveda, which provides holistic healing by bringing back harmony with the universe assures relief from gastrointestinal disorders. In Ayurveda, herbs, massage, metals and other techniques are used with an aim of cleansing the body and restoring the balance. The treatment offered for gastrointestinal disease includes both symptomatic and asymptomatic treatments. The main purpose of the asymptomatic treatment is the rectification of the lifestyle and eating related defects. Symptomatic treatment utilizes herbs to target the affected suboshas, agni and ama.

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